About Us

Bryony Schwan


Bryony is a serial entrepreneur in the social change space with over 20 years experience launching and leading organizations and businesses including The Biomimicry Institute, Biomimicry 3.8 and AskNature.org, the world’s first and only on-line database of nature’s design solutions.

Tim Greiser


Tim is a software engineer and IT strategist with over a decade of experience in large-scale databases, systems integration, e-commerce, open source development, LAMP architecture web applications, unit testing, agile development, sustainable coding practices and new media arts.

Tim Christensen

Creative Technology/UX

Tim is a creative technology pioneer with a passion for user interface design and over 20 years in e-business related software engineering, scalable server technologies and business development. Having built one of the first major e-commerce platforms ($100 million in annual revenue and earning Consumer Reports #1 rating for online stores), Tim has turned his attention to multi-platform mobile development.

Colin Mangham


Colin has 25 years of branding, marketing, and business development experience. He has consulted with dozens of Fortune 500 companies and other Big Brands and has successfully guided 100+ early-stage companies.