What the Heck is Love Anyway?

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Well it’s that time of the year again, Valentine’s Day, when we are supposed to celebrate love. I was thinking about the meaning of love the other day when I was sitting with a friend talking about his relationship. He was trying to sort through the complexities of this relatively new romance, wondering whether... Read More

Surgeon General advocates happiness for good health

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There are many reasons why being happy is important and why the pursuit of happiness is not necessarily an egocentric endeavor, but people are often surprised to learn that there really is a direct correlation between happiness and health. And what better way to learn this than via a comedy show! The November 28... Read More

Happiness: Six Things I Learned from Kevin Dohr

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Dohr is a practicing psychologist in my community. He’s also a teacher and consultant who has offered workshops and training to businesses, nonprofits and other groups. Interested in positive psychology for decades, Dohr is now entrenched in the new research about how to cultivate a full, rich and happy life. I first saw his... Read More

Mothers Day

By What is a mom but the sunshine of our days and the north star of our nights. ~Robert Brault

Kudos to mothers! If we had to pick one day a year that was picture perfect for sharing feelings of gratitude with someone else, we’d cast our vote for Mother’s Day. Here’s to Mom! Seriously, talk about someone we should all be grateful for, the person who birthed us into this world…especially as in... Read More

Power of a Thank You


The big message behind two short words: Thank you I’m de-cluttering, a time-consuming task that brings me no joy at the moment but promises relief and simplicity in the future. Recently, as I tackled one drawer in my crammed desk, I spotted a stray notecard tucked under office supplies and half-used notebooks. I slipped... Read More

The Kindkudos Story


Friends have often asked why I created Kindkudos. Here’s my story: Like so many people, my sister feels socially isolated. Since moving to England from South Africa, it has been difficult for her to make new friends. Raising two children and working have left her little time to meet people and break into a... Read More

5 Ways Science Says Kindness Will Change Your Life

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Is kindness just an old-fashioned value celebrated in kindergarten and then soon forgotten as one grows older and more ambitious — or is there more to it? As increasing numbers of people look to live a purpose-driven life, research is beginning to reveal the tremendous rewards that come with living kindly. What follows are... Read More