Community Guidelines

When engaging with and using Kindkudos, keep in mind, Kindkudos is about saving and spreading kindness, happiness and appreciation. Therefore, users should consider that the intent, benefits and goodwill of Kindkudos are lost if they stray from the following guidelines.

Send only messages, photos or salutations that are respectful, thoughtful, encouraging, considerate and within the spirit of Kindkudos.

Spreading kindness should be done with sincerity. Self-promotion and/or solicitation should not be practiced, nor should impersonation or fraudulent communication.

Refrain from sending messages with offensive nudity, sexual or mature content and anything that can be considered offensive or illegal, such as content containing minors engaged in dangerous activities.

Refrain from sending messages that invade someone else’s privacy or threatens anyone’s security.

Refrain from harassment, bullying and rudeness.

Have fun and build a world of shared kindness, appreciation and ultimate happiness.

Again, Kindkudos seeks to build a network of engaged, uplifted and happy users. If you feel the need to violate these guidelines, then you are acting outside of the spirit of Kindkudos, and should reconsider being a part of the Kindkudos community.

If you violate these guidelines, you risk the involuntary discontinuation of access to Kindkudos, therefore risking the opportunity to engage with a positive and encouraging network of friends and family. We have crafted these guidelines to ensure Kindkudos’ participants can safely and happily create a harmless and rewarding user experience. We will do our best to administer them consistently and equitably and at our own discretion.