Because everyone needs to know they’re loved and appreciated!

Kindkudos is an easy-to-use messaging app for sharing and spreading kindness and gratitude. The app allows you to safely keep your most meaningful kudos in one easily accessible place. Kindkudos also shows you how many times your kindness is paid forward as well as where it’s traveled on an interactive map.

  • Don’t have time for a long conversation with your Mom? Send her a kudo.
  • Grandparents can’t come for the holidays? Have the kids video a kudo you know will make them smile.
  • Know someone who’s having a hard time? Tell their friends to send them kudos.
  • Want your spouse to know how much you love her or him? Send an awesome kudo.

Make someone happy. Send a kudo today!

Give a Kudo

Everyone needs love and appreciation. Especially the people you love and appreciate! Make someone’s day. It’s easy with Kindkudos.

  • Send private voice, video or text messages.
  • Share photos with your kudos.
  • Includes full iPhone 6 camera support.

Get a Kudo. Keep It Close

Of course you also want to receive kudos. Maybe even lots of kudos. Now you can keep inspiring messages and images from people who care about you right in your pocket.

Also, receive, securely store, and easily access your kudos.

Use Your Voice

Don’t have time for a phone call? Record a voice kudo. They will love hearing your voice and can archive it forever.

Move Someone

Share and save special moments, thoughts and places with video kudos, a key feature of the Kindkudos app.

Pay It Forward

Received a kudo, feeling good? Pay it forward! Make someone else’s day and watch kindness spread. Kindkudos users consistently rate this as one the best features of any messaging or networking app. Kindness is contagious, watch it spread all over the map!

A “pay it forward” prompt encourages users to send kudos to others and shows users where and how far their kindness has spread on the Kindkudos tracker map.